zmodel #002 – 住宅ローン [Home Loan (Mortgage)]

Click here to download: zmodel-002-home loan

zmodel #002では、住宅ローンの代表的な返済方法のひとつ、元利均等返済をモデル化しました。






In zmodel #002, we calculate the interest and principal payments for a typical home loan (mortgage).

Most home loans follow a credit foncier / constant debt service repayment schedule. In other words, the borrower pays the same debt service (principal + interest) throughout the home loan tenor. From a modelling perspective, this is most commonly achieved using the PPMT function, which we also use in this template.

We have pre-populated the model with assumptions typical for the Tokyo housing market, i.e. less than 1% interest rate and a 35 year loan tenor.

The model will show a warning message if the user inputs a loan tenor which causes the final repayment date to be beyond the end of the model timeline (FY2056).

Assumptions can be found in the “Input” sheet, calculations can be found in the “Calculation” sheet, and the repayment schedule has been visualised in the “Chart” sheet.


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