zmodel #005 – 売上 [Simple Revenue]

Click here to download: zmodel-005-simple-revenue


1. シンプルアプローチ / Simple approach

2. 係数アプローチ / Factor approach
強み&弱み:作成時間と透明性は”1. シンプルアプローチ”と”3. コークスクリューアプローチ”の中間

3. コークスクリューアプローチ / Corkscrew approach


This zmodel shows three different ways to calculate a simple price x volume calculation. As one can explore in the “Calculation” sheet, even a simple calculation can have several approaches to calculate, all with different strengths and weaknesses.

1. Simple approach
Strength: Least time and row consuming (fast to build)
Weakness: Least transparent (difficult to audit)

2. Factor approach
Strength & weakness: Building speed and trasnparency between “1. Simple approach” and “3. Corkscrew approach”

3. Corkscrew approach
Strength: Most transparent (easy to audit)
Weakness: Most time and row consuming (slow to build)


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